Getting Your Hands Dirty: Understanding the Real Costs of Landscaping Your Yard

If you just start building your dream yard and garden without proper planning, then you’re going to run into financial trouble. Most landscape projects will likely cost more than you think. The only way to ensure that the total cost doesn’t sneak up bite you is to outline a solid budget before any work begins and be honest with your landscape designer and /or contractor.

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Low Maintenance, Budget Friendly Landscaping & Gardening for Seniors

Having a lovely lawn and garden can make you feel better about your home and give you a nice place to relax. However, if you are a senior on a budget, you need some help to keep your yard looking its best without breaking the bank. Here are a few simple ways you can help your garden, your health, and your savings thrive.

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Shade Garden Secrets Revealed!

Here in the Portland and the Pacific Northwest, our normally temperate summers are becoming hotter and dryer, sparking not just wildfires but a growing need for more cooling shade in the urban landscape. Shade gardening is an art form all its own, but here’s few basic rules to help you create your own shady garden. For help in selecting small trees, see the Bonus Feature, “Top Ten Small Trees”.