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Having a lovely lawn and garden can make you feel better about your home and give you a nice place to relax. However, seniors may need some help to keep your yard looking its best without breaking the bank. Here are a few simple ways seniors can garden while protecting and enhancing their health while staying on a budget.

Invest in a Landscape Design

If you’ve been in your home for a long time, or have downsized to a new home, chances are the landscape is due for an overhaul. Hiring a landscape designer to create a fresh, low maintenance landscape with a senior’s needs in mind is a great way to minimize the work while maximizing your enjoyment of your landscape.

If you decide to create your own lower maintenance landscape or garden, here some ideas to save you time and money.

Saving While Setting Up Senior-Friendly Gardens

As a senior, you know how important it is to exercise daily and eat healthy foods. But even with healthy habits, our bodies tend to get a little stiff and uncooperative as we age. That’s why it is important to make gardening easier for seniors. Simple measures such as going with elevated gardens in containers or vertical planters can prevent pain or stiffness in your joints and muscles. You can also garden at any age by picking up the right tools. Using stools or a really great pair of gloves are really easy ways to prevent injuries and make gardening more fun. Before you shop for gardening supplies, check out money-saving opportunities at retailers like Lowe’s, where you can take advantage of in-store savings and cashback rewards from Ebates.

Getting Creative Without Creating More Costs 

Just because you are landscaping on a budget doesn’t mean your yard should be boring. In fact, there are a ton of inexpensive gardening projects you can complete to add a personal touch to your outdoor spaces while saving money. If you decide to complete a project, such as setting up container gardens or planting a low maintenance garden, be sure to look for coupons online. You can join Honey for easy access coupon codes for a major retailer like Home Depot. Another way to save money on your creative gardening projects is to upcycle everyday items around your home. You can use buckets or pallets for planters or even plant flowers in an old colander. The possibilities are endless, the costs are minimal, and the impact on the environment is great!

Maintaining a Perfect Yard Without a Lot of Effort

Getting creative with your garden can be fun, but sometimes you just want your yard to look nice without a lot of work. There are definitely some ways for seniors to create an invincible yard that requires minimal effort to maintain. You can use pavers to build a patio in your backyard, which will look great, give you room to relax, and be easier to maintain with potted plants and greenery. Another option for keeping your lawn looking its best is to hire a lawn service. While hiring landscapers may seem costly, you may save in the long run by not purchasing or maintaining equipment and reserving your time for other activities you enjoy. As an added bonus, hiring lawn and garden help with the heavy work may help seniors avoid injuries and health issues.

Staying Safe While You’re Outside

There are some wonderful benefits of gardening, especially for older adults. Gardening can provide a boost for senior mental health and serve as a strength training exercise as well. Some other ways gardening helps seniors have better health include enhancements in cognitive function and an increase in physical energy. However, as healthy as gardening may be for seniors, there are still a few basic safety tips you should follow before you spend time outside, especially in the heat of summer. First, check with your doctor about whether any medications may impact your sensitivity to sunlight or heat. It’s also crucial that you stay hydrated, so keep a water bottle nearby and drink often. If needed, pick up sunscreen, hats, and water bottles to keep you safe.

Whether you want a new hobby or just want a beautiful yard, there are simple ways for seniors to save money while making their outdoor spaces more attractive. So get into gardening or pay someone to do the work for you. Just don’t think that a tight budget has to mean you can’t have — and enjoy — beautiful outdoor spaces.

Content Credit:  Bret Engle | DiyGuys.net