As a landscape design studio (vs. a landscape design/build company) we do not install our designs. But we do create a seamless design/build experience for our clients by partnering with a select few of the best landscape contractors in Portland. We believe the designer’s input during the installation phase is so crucial to the success of the project that we build it into our design process. This way clients are assured that we are involved throughout the installation without having to worry about extra costs.

During the Design Phase

If at any time during the design process we need the knowledge and experience of a landscape contractor we invite one of our partners to provide their contracting expertise.

We rely on their experience to ensure that our designs account for, and provide solutions for, challenges such as ensuring proper drainage, terracing for steep slopes and selecting the right materials for the job.

During the Estimating Phase

Hooray! The design is complete and it’s time to transition to the installation.

We match clients with up to three landscape contractor(s) who exemplify the customer service and quality that they have come to expect personal introduction makes it easy for you to connect.

We’ll meet the contractors at our client’s home to review the design together and make sure they understand the design intent and scope of the project.

Then we review the estimate with the contractor to make sure it’s ready for the client’s review.

During the Build Phase

During the installation of our landscapes we visit during critical stages to ensure that the design is being followed and any onsite changes comply with the design.

We like to be onsite at the following stages:

  • When hardscapes (decks, patios, etc.) are about one third installed.
  • During plant delivery to ensure quality and quantity.
  • When plants are being laid out so that we can place them perfectly.

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