This is just a bit of our Vancouver, WA client’s landscape and driveway being installed in August.

Spring is here, but it’s not too late – now is the perfect time to start designing your new landscape if you want to enjoy a brand new landscape and outdoor living area this summer. Granted, it may be late summer before you are sipping drinks on the new patio, but you’ll still enjoy late summer and autumn in your yard.

The landscape design/build process has its own cycle. A typical project, like a new patio, fire pit and landscaping, usually takes a landscaper designer four to six weeks to complete. Then add another two weeks or more for a landscape contractor to prepare the bid, and then, depending on the time of year and the contractor’s schedule, it can easily be four to eight (or longer!) weeks before the first shovel hits the ground. And that doesn’t even account for the installation schedule, which is often two to three weeks between deconstruction, site preparation, hardscape installation, putting in the turf, and planting the plants.

When you factor in the seasons, you can see why you need to plan your landscape project carefully and begin at least three to four months in advance of when you want your project completed.

Here’s the best news: late summer and early autumn are great times to install your new landscape in Portland and Vancouver. The ground is dry, the rains haven’t come yet, and the best time for planting is actually fall, not spring.

Remember, every great landscape starts with a great design so get in touch soon – the seasons won’t wait, and you shouldn’t either!